Wednesday, April 8, 2009

New Year; Same Sloppy Ball

As I'm watching the second game of the year, I can barely type fast enough to get in all the mistakes this team has made. Another year of horrible coaching is already shining through.

It's the second inning. Carmona still can't put hitters away. At least three times this inning, he had a hitter down 0-2 or 1-2 and he gives up a home run, a double, and I can't remember what the other hit was.

Then, he gets Andrus to ground to first base & Carmona just stands there confused. How does he not know how to cover first base. He seriously looked like a little leaguer out there.

The offense is still pathetic. They cannot hit. How much longer must this continue before we fire Shelton. Eddie Murray only lasted a couple of weeks before we fired him. But, after all, he's only a hall of fame hitter & Shelton's never played the game in the majors!!!

Sizemore strikes out on three pitches? Why didn't they work on two-strike hitting in spring training. By the way the talked, they were bored. Why didn't they work on basics if they had so much time!!! Why didn't they work with the pitchers on covering first base more? Or working with Carmona on getting guys out when he has them down in the count? These are things that other teams practice day in and day out. Do you think it's an accident that the White Sox were so good with runners in scoring position last year?

This is so frustrating. The lack of basic fundamentals on this team. I have had to watch this sloppy baseball for six long years now, and I'm just fed-up with it. If Mr. Dolan wants to know why I did not renew my season tickets, nor have not purchased any tickets yet, this is why!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Tribe 2K9 Predictions

I can't believe Dolan is trying to sell us his let's not spend any money team. Is he serious? He can't negotiate with Cliff Lee because of the economic situation? When will be the right time for Dolan to spend money. He treats the fans well, but, can't he have a good team? We can't find anyone better than Dellucci? We can't get a hitting coach? How about an actual manager that knows what's going on? It's going to be a repeat of last season, I'm afraid.

They really didn't add anyone in the off-season. Although, I do like Kerry Wood & Mark DeRosa. If Jensen Lewis can perform the way he did at the end of last year (while he was in the closer spot) now in the eighth inning, and, Wood stays healthy; we'll have a solid bullpen in the late innings. But, how about hitting? DeRosa sounds like a good guy; but, is he going to add to the line-up? I'm excited and hopeful he'll be a good addition to the line-up. We'll see what he can do. Hafner is questionable at best. I was hoping that they'd add a legitmate middle of the order hitter. If Hafner & Martinez have good years, everyone will look better. If they struggle, the entire line-up will struggle.

I don't like that the Tribe giving up on Garko & Barfield. I think they're trying to trade Garko. They're trying him & Barfield in left. And they've become back-up players. So, I think they've given up on them. If either of them hits well, I'm sure they'll see more playing time.

Choo is a mystery. With his injury last year, it's hard to gauge how well he'll do. He has a lot of promise as does Francisco. I don’t think the Tribe does well developing players. Phillips is a prime example. Barfield batted 300 before coming here and now struggles to hit 200. Garko I think is better than he played last year.

Anything can happen. If Martinez and Hafner are doing well, a couple other players click; the pitching is stable; they could be good. I don’t expect Lee to win 20 games again; but, I think 16-18 is reasonable. Carmona needs to have 18 wins and we need someone in the third spot. Westbrook is a big loss. Laffey and sowers need to step-up. Sowers is another guy that I think could be a lot better with the right coaching. He's a really nice guy from meeting him at a signing & seeing him a lot at spring training last year; so, I'm really pulling for him & give him much more slack than other guys.

We definitely need a change in coaching. There's not much this staff offers in the way of developing players, helping a struggling player, or teaching fundamentals. I do like that they were working on situational hitting in spring training. But, it sounds like they only practiced it one day. That's been one of my biggest criticisms of Wedge. They were also working on base running. Where have these things been the past 5 years? Why didn't they do more of it? The hitting is just pathetic. We can't let Shelton stay here much longer. Not to have one 300 hitter, is unexcusable. He is detrimental to this organization. It's time that management stops making excuses and starts to shake things up.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

You said it...

As we watch the Indians waste opportunity after opportunity to win the division, we all notice the mistakes Wedge is making. It's too much to ask of any one person to keep track of all of his blunders. And we all need an outlet to vent. So, here's your chance to get what's bothering you off your chest. If you have anything you'd like to talk about, please send your comments to

Here are this week's submissions:

Dave Yahr, Beechwood, OH:

Hey - nice blog there. But, you didn't even mention anything about him bringing Borowski in for the 10th inning. I mean, the guy is pretty much guaranteed to give up at least 1 run every time he pitches, and that's really all the Tigers would need to win with the Indians offense.

But in true Indians spirit, they get the first 2 guys on base and then Grady tries to pull a pitch low and outside and grounds weakly to first. And what's the deal with Martinez? I thought maybe he was out of his slump when he got 3 hits the other day, but he looked horrible at the plate tonight. In his first at bat he tries to pull a low outside pitch and he grounds out weakly to first. Then with runners on later, he strikes out on a pitch in the dirt. And even in the 10th with 2nd and 3rd and 1 out, he almost gets a hit down the right field line and then strikes out on an 84 mph fastball. He was nowhere close on that swing. I mean, all he had to do was put the ball in play and at least get a cheap RBI to pad his stats and he couldn't even do that. And don't get me started on Hafner. Getting called out on a pitch right down the middle and then arguing about it? The ump was really horrible tonight, but that pitch wasn't one of his screw ups.

I was at the game on Friday when Peralta drops a pop-up and they don't give him an error. Then he misses a grounder he should have got. The Yankees shouldn't have had any runs then, but thanks to Peralta, they had 2, and with the Indians, you know that's enough to beat them. And the guy has been striking out even more than usual -and mostly on pitches nowhere near the strike zone.

Oh, and I almost forgot to mention Barfield. Earlier in the season when he was struggling for hits, he at least was decent when he came up with men on base. But for the last few weeks he's really looked awful at the plate. It's almost as if someone has taught all the Indians hitters how to swing at pitches out of the strike zone, especially when they have 2 strikes on them. Hard for me to believe that any team has struck out more than they have, although I hear that Tampa Bay has. But you were right about the Indians leading the league in strikeouts when they have men on base.

Dan Grill, Eastlake, OH:

I am a big Indians fan, and have been all my life, but I a totally frustrated with our manager situation. Eric Wedge does not know how to win close games, doesn’t know how to bunt people into scoring position, doesn’t know when to pinch hit for someone, and doesn’t know how to deal with players doing stupid things. There is more that he doesn’t know how to do, but there is not enough time to write about it.

Let’s start with today’s game (Sunday) against the Yankees. The bottom of the 7th inning, Peralta walks, then gets pick off of 1st base. We are down 4 runs, the bases are loaded, nobody out, a lefty is on the mound, no where for Peralta to go. How and why does he get picked off 1st base. Then after getting picked off he should have been yanked from the game.

Next in the 8th inning, runners at 1st and 2nd, Blake batting and in my opinion should be bunting to move 2 runners into scoring position with our best hitter coming to bat, but instead he fouls out to the catcher, then Martinez gets a base hit, and we end the inning with the next batter only scoring 1 run.

Next in the 9th inning, we start off with 3 hits, score 1 run, and have runners at 2nd and 3rd with no outs, and we have a hitter up that has only been in the majors for a week, and we have Lofton, and Nixon on the bench, and the Yankees have one of the best closers in the game on the mound. How do we let Cabrera bat in that situation? I realize we did not have anyone to put in to play 2nd base, but you could have moved Blake to 3rd, and Gomez to 2nd, and have your pitcher bat. You don’t have to worry about your defense if you don’t tie the game.

Among other things I never saw a manager switch his lineup around as much as this idiot does. Your 1 thru 5 hitters should stay consistent, unless someone needs a day off. When you are playing the Yankees you should have your best lineup in the game, and I did not see that today. I love Casey Blake, but his not a #2 hitter. Lofton should be playing every day, batting lead off, and I would move Sizemore to 3rd. I’m not really sure who should bat 2nd, but I would be willing to give Barfield a shot, 1 because he can bunt, 2 he has great speed, 3 he has been our best clutch hitter. One game Lofton bats 2nd, the next games he is 7th, the next game he is not in the line-up. Your 1 – 5 hitters are supposed to be your run producers, and I don’t see switching them every game. It makes no sense to me. The Indians don’t win because of Wedge, they win in spite of him, and he needs to go.

Thanks for writing (and inspiring this post)!!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007


I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE!!!!! I can't take the idiotic moves Wedge makes. I can't take the poor, the non-existent situational hitting, I can't take anymore mental errors going unpunished. In what is sure to be a repeat of the 2005 season, Wedge's moves and non-moves in close games will keep us out of the playoffs!!!

Why does Wedge love to take out the best and hottest hitters in the line-up for pinch runners with two outs and the runner on first? Why does he insist on letting guys hitting 260 swing when he gets a runner on second with no-one out? I want to know how many times we've had a runner in scoring position with no outs and the next hitter has struck out. I just heard that we lead the league in strike outs with RISP.

In Sunday's game, a must win game, he starts three rookies. He starts Michaels instead of Lofton. Those were he first mistakes. Then with RISP, he does not pinch hit for any of the rookies. Why oh Why does he let Cabreara hit when he has Lofton on the bench and all they need is a hit to tie the game? Why does he pinch run for Martinez with 2 outs in the 8th when Martinez is only on first? Why does he use his only utility infielder (Barfield) as the pinch runner? Wouldn't that make it hard to pinch hit for your second baseman? After all, he's only played in a couple of MLB games. Besides, shouldn't Barfield be in in the later innings just for defensive purposes at least? Does Wedge think ahead -- scratch that -- does he think? Tonight, he takes out Lofton and puts in Michaels. Why? Lofton is one of the games best hitters since 95. He has plenty of experience with lefties. May be Wedge wasn't watching the playoff game against Seattle in 95 where Lofton got big hits against Randy Johnson -- one of, if not the hardest, left-handed pitcher for lefties to hit. He left Cabrera in Sunday's game but, pulls Lofton tonight. Are you serious? Why did we extend this joker's contract?

Why doesn't he bench Peralta? He takes a 20 ft lead with bases loaded no outs and gets picked off. Peralta should have been on the pine for the rest of the night plus tonight's game. His struck out just about every at bat in the last week, he made costly errors in Friday's game, he makes a huge mental error in Sunday's game getting picked off, and all Wedge has to say is, "They made a good play, threw behind the runner, and he got picked off," Wedge said. "Pettitte has one of the best moves in the game, and he's not going to be easy to read. Obviously, that's something that can't happen." Good play? GOOD PLAY? I could have made that play. Peralta was so far often, it didn't take a good play!! Where was he going? What was he thinking. No, it was a horrible job of base running. How can you let that go unpunished? He can't bunt a runner over earlier in the week; but, yet he doesn't get benched? What has this bush-leaguer done to help this team. The guy is in a major slump. Let Cabrera, Gomez, anyone play there other than him. I can't stand watching him play anymore. Peralta flat out sucks!!! Give me Inglett back rather than him (and he's only batting 240 in the minors). Why does he get to play every night and Lofton has to sit? What is he doing?

Just like in 2005, we are getting great starting pitching and wasting every start. All 5 guys are pitching great and we can't win. We can't score. What did we score in the Yankee series, 7 runs? Tonight, 2 runs? We get a lead-off double and Wedge doesn't even try to bunt him over. Instead, he'd rather watch his batters go up and strike-out than move the runner over.

The only way we win a close game is if we get lucky. The only way we will make the play-offs is if Detroit loses. We are going no where with Wedge.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Welcome Home Kenny!!

In one of the simplest moves this year, the Indians brought Kenny Lofton back to Cleveland. This may be the move that gets them into the playoffs. Not only will this move add a much needed boost at the beginning of the line-up; but, it added an electricity to the team and the fans. The Boston series held a lot of excitement -- near sell-out crowds, a lot of tension between Cleveland and the Boston fans, some great pitching match-ups, and a little offense. There was a special feeling back in the Jake through out that series. But, when Lofton came back, the fans went out to see him. There was an electricity on Friday night that was about the team. Cleveland is finally getting excited about this team. A big part of that is having one of our heroes back in town. There are a lot of guys on this team that the fans just don't like -- Michaels, Peralta, Dellucci, and even Blake (although he's underapperciated). Lofton is one of the guys Cleveland likes to root for. When he was here the first time, The fans loved everyone 1-9. It doesn't seem that way this year. Lofton is a favorite. He belongs here and hopefully will retire an Indian.

He's back in the city where he belongs; but, isn't necessarily where he belongs in the batting order. He needs to bat first to get the offense going. The problem is, the Tribe does not have a true number 2 hitter. What the Tribe needs is to bring Omar back and get rid of Peralta, the team would be greatly improved -- offensively and defensively.

It's great to have Kenny home again!!!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Wedge the Crack-head

Why is Wedge in love with pinch-running for Hafner in the 8th inning of a close game? He normally uses Ben Francisco. Last night there were two outs and Hafner was on first. I see two problems with this strategy. One, if we tie the game up, we lose Hafner's bat. Two, we lose Francisco's bat to pinch-hit for someone else.

The other problem with last nights game (vs. CWS), why did he pinch-hit Nixon for Michaels? These are the stupid moves that will keep the Indians out of the post seson this year and for the next 3 years. Why not bring in someone that is hitting at least 250? I understand that he wants to match-up; but, don't do just to do it. If you have no one that you can bring in that's hitting better than the scheduled batter, don't make a move. This is a situation where I would have liked to see Francisco -- but, wait, he was running for Hafner. Can't use the hottest hitter on the team now.

In tonight's game, he nade the same move and Francisco got thrown out at home on a really bad decision by Skinner. However, Garko tied the game-up and now, we've lost Hafner in extra innings. I have one question -- what are the coaches smoking before the game??? They seem to be on another planet.

And we gave Wedge a three year extension. My head's going to!!!!

C.C. No A-C-E

When I think of an Ace, I think of someone that when you see their name in the line-up, you can bet the farm that he's going to win. Someone that is going to win the biggest game of the year. Someone that is going to beat any other number 1 pitcher in the league 1-0. You need to understand, it's not a word I throw around casually. Roger Clemens, Pedro Martinez, Greg Maddux were all aces in their prime. Clemens in 1990, had a 1.93 ERA, went 21-6, and had 209 strike outs in 228 innings. In 9 of his starts that year, he gave-up less than 3 runs and did not get the win. He only gave up more than 3 runs in two of his starts!! That is the definition of an Ace. That's someone I would count on winning every night he pitched. I don't even regard one of my all-time favorite pitchers, Nolan Ryan, as an Ace.

Yes, Sabathia has put up some great numbers this year. He's also has had some disaster starts. In his last two starts, he's given up 13 runs in 11 innings. In a start against Texas this year, he had a 6-0 lead, and gave up five runs on six straight hits in the sixth inning. In Oakland, he sailed for 6.2 innings and then gave-up 5 runs. That's hardly something a grizzled veteran should do. He hardly measures up to my definition of an Ace.

I don't think Sabathia has ever won a big game against another good pitcher. He will not pitch a shut-out against a good (hitting) team. Yes, he'll beat-up on bad teams, like the Reds, but, put him him in a big game and he will eventually implode.

This guy does not have the mental toughness to be a great pitcher. He will still lose his focus after he's made a mistake or after a mistake in the field. When the Tribe needs him to buckle down, is when he's at his worse. He needs to learn to control his emotions when he's pitching. I think that's part of the reason he's so bad when in pitches in Oakland.

If the Indians were to make the playoffs, which, I still don't think they will because of Eric Wedge of course, he should not be the starting pitcher. I would give the nod to Byrd, a veteran that knows how to pitch in big games. With the Dolans opening up their checkbooks, I'm worried that they are going to pay for a Porsche and only get a Ford.

Would I like to have him on my team? Sure. Do I want to pay him top dollar? No. We have Carmona showing that he is capable of being an Ace, Sowers who can be another dominating pitcher, Westbrook, Byrd, and others in the minors ready to come-up. I would rather trade him and get some much needed help. There are plenty of holes we need to address on this team and he can get a lot of help. Let another team overpay the Indians for him.